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Hey there ! My name is Naomi and I am the photographer behind Billy Button. I chose the name Billy Button because of its natural wild and free beauty that makes up one little Australian native flower. I love adventure and the thought of not being restricted to society and its norms. My heart for freedom and unstructured life lies behind my photographs capturing all that is pure and beautiful.

I am wife and a mother of four boys, and we live on the south coast, Wollongong.

Our family life is unstructured, wild and adventurous. We homeschool and raise our boys to have a childhood free from expectations, to be able to think freely and to keep the raw essence of their childhood for as long as possible.

As your photographer I will climb mountains with you, get dirty with you, i will be there on the adventure with you, because life inside the box is boring and i know we can together branch out and capture something exciting together.

You have now probably peeked at all my work here but If you want to peek in and find out more about me and my day to day life with my fam bam you can come follow me on IG @boys_run_free and of course if you think we would be a good match then flick me an email, I would love to meet you!