May 29 2019 - Preparing for the Lap around OZ - 2020


Hi ! Welcome to our Tribe. This is us ! My husband Chris and I with our four young boys. We live here on a beautiful old dairy farm that we are just borrowing for a little while. We have been living here for just over a year. It is located just south of Wollongong. It was owned by a beautiful man named Don Grey who was very well respected in his area. You can read more of his story here .

We homeschool 2 of our school aged boys. We have our eldest who is Sol who 8 and is gentle and caring, then comes our second oldest our wild fearless one Nullah who is almost 7 , our gentle breeze Ollie who is almost 5 , and finally our youngest fire ball determined Alby who is 2.5.

Early this year Chris and I woke up and decided we needed to see more, see more of what God has in store for us. We have always valued living simply, and free from Societies expectations of working long hours and never having time for family. So here we are preparing to hit the road late this year with the hope to meet so many new people. First stop Tassy ! Stay Tuned because I have a lot more to share.